Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Nostril Picker (1993)

The Nostril Picker (1993) 
Director: Mark Nowicki 
Stars: Carl Zschering, Edward Tanner 

Loner turns into a girl to lure and kill other girls. He also picks his nose a lot. 

SixThings I Learned from The Nostril Picker: 

1. Being a nostril picker is classier than being a nose picker. 

2. Morphal Synthesis can make you change into anybody by chanting a tune. What about nose picking? 

3. Poor people eat dog food. 

4. Stalkers use black magic to change their looks and become friends with their prey. 

5. Girls don’t scream when you cut their fingers off. 

6. If Siskel & Ebert hate a movie, it must be good!

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