Monday, October 8, 2012

Forever Evil (1987)

Forever Evil (1987)
Director: Roger Evans
Stars: Red Mitchell, Tracey Huffman, Charles L Trotter

A group of annoyingly preppy young adults go to a fancy cabin only to be killed off by some old looking zombie. the lone survivor Marc decides to find this evil being. With the help of the mysterious Reggie and the too cool for school Detective Leo, they find out that some things truly are....Forever Evil! See what I did there? That would have been a totally sweet IMDB synopsis. I wonder if they pay for those?

Six Things I've Learned From Forever Evil

1. Your hero shouldn't look like an adult version of the "My Buddy" doll that was big in the 80's.

2. The zombie in this film looks like one of those thirty dollar K Mart decorations you put on your front porch holding a bowl of snickers with a sign that says "EYE see when you take more than one!" I shoulda taken two or three. I'm such a coward.

3. I wish I had my own theme music like Leo did. Maybe something light and jazzy. Something that would make people know I mean business, but I have a wacky side as well. I'll get on that.

4.  Important scenes in this film include a nosy neighbor of Leo's telling her friend on the telephone every single fucking story in the tabloids and Leo's entire trip to the mailbox to mail a letter to Marc that he could have just phone the asshole and told him.

5. When filming a bloody shower scene, it's best not to film it in a place that has blood red tiles in it.

6. Real estate agents really are evil!

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