Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WWWofCF's Top 15 Favorite Horror Movie Moments #13 and #12!

Starting with this post, I'm going to be doing two movie moments at a time...mainly because I'm trying to get done in time for halloween and this cuts in on my candy eating designated time. So here we go!

#13 "Chicken Lady" - Freaks


Freaks is in my personal top 10 favorite movies.  I'm a big Tod Browning fan (go see the 1925 classic The Unholy Three) and he puts his sideshow traveling past to good use. Banned in many countries for years, this film used real sideshow performers, but instead of them being the monsters, they're the good guys. 

That being said, this scene is why you don't piss them off. The "freaks" learn that the "normal" trapeze artist has been poisoning the beloved little person Hans (played by Harry Doll). They're none too pleased and they go after her and her lover the strongman. This scene is genuinely creepy and the aftermath even more disturbing. 


They fucking turn her into some sort of chicken lady!  How the hell do they do that!? Does she lay eggs? Can she play tic tac toe? I DON'T KNOW! All I can say are freaks are some bad mamma jammas.

#12  "I Hate Little League" - Maximum Overdrive

Now I know a lot of people hate this film, but for me it's like an old friend. This movie played constantly on 
one of those pay movie channels (I'm thinking Showtime) and as a kid I wanted one of those semi's with the Green Goblin head. It's like He-Man ...it was my favorite cartoon as a child, but even though watching muscular men in furry loincloths seems a bit dated, I still have a soft spot for it in my head.

As previously mentioned, I like when movies aren't afraid to bump off children. I enjoy it even more when it's some athletic event. Yes, I resent not being more athletic instead of just witty and ridiculously good looking. From the hilarious to me sight of soda cans nailing the coach in the balls, to the steamroller flattening little Billy Bastard, this is just one big giggle fest for me.

I'm aware that I have some minor issues.

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