Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wide Weird World of Radio Show #17!

In this episode, Dan tries to get into the Arbitrary Cinema Coalition  by sucking up to it's president, Graham Von Paramounte.  Will Dan join the elite, or is he destined to be a goofball?

On a side note, you may have noticed some of the radio shows are not showing up. I'm working on fixing this one show at a time. Be patient gentle Ben viewers!

Listen Here!

Track Listing

Show opening
I'm the Leader of the Gang- Hulk Hogan with Green Jelly
Satan (Theme from Satan's Sadists)- Paul Wibier
Horror Hospital Trailer
March of the Dead (Army of Darkness)- Danny Elfman
Theme from Cannibal Holocaust
Tron Trailer
Segment Two (Some cinematic masterpieces)
Sweet Home Chicago (Blues Brothers)- John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd
Great Moments in Cult Cinema _ Big Jim Slade (Kentucky Fried Movie)
Main Title from The French Connection
Main Them from Werewolves on Wheels - Don Gere
Segment Three (Graham meets Marty)
Midnight Madness- Donna Fein
Montage (Mad Max Theme)- Brian May
Shocker (Shocker)- Paul Stanley
Abby Trailer
Who Am I - Jackie Chan
Theme (?) from Tales From the Quadead Zone
Closing (The ACC or Marty?)
Blame it on the Bossa Nova (Amazon Women on the Moon) - Don "No Soul" Simmons

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