Monday, May 21, 2012

Hauntedween (1991)

Hauntedween (1991)
Director: Doug Robertson
Stars: Brien Blakely, Blake Pickett, Brad Hanks
Filmed : Bowling Green, Kentucky (My hometown. Go Toppers!)

Twenty years ago (in the film), some creepy kid in a crappy mask kills a teenage girl and cuts her head off at a haunted house. In the present day (when mullets were king AND queen of the prom) a fraternity needs to raise some money for their charter. When they get a mysterious offer to run a haunted house to raise money, they're just stupid enough to do it. This is Darwinism at work for the benefit of mankind. Also chubby stripper boobs courtesy of Yankee Doodles (long since closed)

Six Things I've Learned from Hauntedween

1 You can only take so many sarcastic comments about your mask before you snap and start cutting off heads.

2. Every fraternity needs a horny Barney Fife character.

3. When doing a house renovating montage, always have the theme song to the movie handy on CD.

4.  Make sure you have your quota of 30 year old balding fraternity members.

5. You can  easily tell who has the real accents and who don't. Looking right in your direction Blake Pickett.

6. Some characters will do anything to get out of this film including driving a flaming van.

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