Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Thanksgiving Gift to You - VHS Trailers!

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for the 12 people that read my site, so I teamed up with the great Seven Doors of Cinema site to bring you not one but TWO gifts...

VHS trailers!

I finally got the means to pull our great VHS collection into the digital age, so of course I use it to rip those trailers at the beginning of our craptastic collection of B movies. 

AIP? We got it.

PM Entertainment? You can have it at night or in the morning!

Vestron? That V is flying into your living room...hide the breakables and children.

 We grabbed a random group of tapes, ripped the trailers, and split them up in two 45 minute installments. WARNING: there are Anna Nicole Smith boobs, terrible actor, and a Wings Hauser sighting.

So sit back, relax and enjoy an hour and a half of cinematic turkeys!

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