Monday, August 13, 2012

Wide Weird World of Cult Radio Show #12

Feeling a bit under the weather, Dan sends the gang home and does the show solo. Although he's not feeling well, and he's hitting puberty, Dan still delivers the goods when it comes to cult movie music and trailers. 

Listen here!

Track Listing

Show Opening
Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill) - Tomoyasu Hotei
Shake Rattle And Roll (Clue)
Deep Red Rum ( Ad
Makin It (Meatballs) - David Naughton
Clash of the Titans Main Theme
The Evil Trailer
Eels Song - Mighty Boosh
Black Light (Death Note)
Facebook Public Service Announcement
American Way (Bodyslam) - Kick
Suzanne (Mallrats) - Weezer
Dan's Movie Poster Story
Man Behind the Mask (Friday the 13th Part 6) - Alice Cooper
The Inquisition (History of the World Part 1) - Mel Brooks
Blood Diner Trailer
Back to the Future Theme
Never Too Young To Die Intro
Never Too Young To Die - Iren Koster
You Can Be (Garbage Pail Kids Movie)
Galaxy of Terror Trailer
Starman - David Bowie
 Show Closing
Rocketman - William Shatner

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