Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wide Weird World of Cult Radio Show #9!!

Gotta be honest...took a nap that lasted too long. So no segments involving me...BUT next week you're in for a treat as it's the 10th Show Awards! Live from somewhere in Missouri! The great music and trailers are still here this week though, so give it a listen!

Listen Here!

Track Listing

Dancin' (Xanadu)- Olivia Newton John and the Tubes
Conan the Barbarian (Main Theme)- Basil Poledouris
Deep Red Rum ( Ad
Satomi Hakken Den (Legend of the Eight Samurai)- John O'Banion
Hyde's Got Nothing to Hide (Jeckyl and Hyde...Together Again)- Mark Blankfield
Strange Behavior Trailer
How Do I Let You Know (Private School)- Phoebe Cates
Theme From Prom Night (1980 version)
Recipe For Romance (Bloody New Year)- Cry No More
Red card Head Butt ( Ad
Psychedelic Weapons (Holy Mountain)
Great Moments in Cult Films- Porky's Tallywacker Scene
The Last Starfighter Theme
I'm Back (Rocktober Blood)- Sorcery
Soylent Green Trailer
Buio Omega theme- Goblin
Taama Forever (Heavy Metal)- Elmer Bernstein
Badasses Boobs and Bodycounts ( Ad
There's No Stopping Us (Breakin')- Ollie and Jerry
I'm Gonna Be Somebody (Police Academy)

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  1. I love your radio show.I remember most of the songs from the movies.keep up the great work and keep this great site going!Thanks


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