Monday, July 23, 2012

Help Make the 10th Radio Show Awards Even Greater!

This weekend (most likely sunday) we will be presenting the 10th Radio Show Awards! What is that you may say? Why would you celebrate 10 shows you ask? Well to the second question...shut up. To the first question, the 10th Radio Show Awards (Haven't thought up a good short name for it yet...the Dannys?) is a fun celebration where YOU get to say which songs are played! Simply email  me at  or send me a message on twitter ( telling me which song/songs from the past 9 shows you want to hear again! Hell request one we haven't played yet if you want.

A big thank you to everyone who has listened and enjoyed the show. I like doing them for you and hope to continue doing these for a long time.

-Dan Lashley


  1. I'd like to request the buckaroo banzai music or delta force theme from prevouis shows.For new requests how about something from Howard the duck or porkchop express from big trouble in little china.

  2. Done and done! I know I have something from Howard the Duck in my computer somewhere.


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