Wednesday, October 2, 2013

15 Horror Characters That Deserve To Die #15 - Pepe from Ghosthouse

Last year, I picked fifteen of my favorite horror movie moments, and since people like lists, I thought I'd try this again. I didn't want to do something like Top Ten Horror Villains That Show Up on Every List., because that's lazy. I mean I'm a lazy bastard, but not THAT lazy. I wanna EARN that Top fifteen list. So I decided to make a list of those special characters in horror movies that you want to see die. Beheaded, disemboweled, or just shot in the face, their misery puts a little tingle in my pants. 

Now that I've disgusted you all, here's the criteria I set for myself.

1. It has to be a horror movie
2. It has to be a character that I hate
 3. I have to post a video of this character dying

Sounds simple to me! Let's get on with the countdown!

#15  Pepe from Ghosthouse - Moviedom's Most Unlikable Hitchhiker

If you're familiar with this movie, you know there's plenty of loathesome characters in it. From our ham radio lovin hero, to the girly screams of Jim Daylen, everyone here deserves death. But one man tops them all. I'm talking about Pepe, the useless hitchhiker.

My main beef about Pepe isn't how annoying he is (and trust me, that asshole has made it an artform) it's that there is no reason for this guy to be in the movie. At least HAM MAN and Jimmy "Girl Scream" Daylen have a reason for being there. This guy is like the jerkoff that's behind you in the theater talking nonstop deciding he'd rather ruin the movie by being IN it rather than just kicking your seat for two hours.

Pepe pretty much hitches a ride from the main characters, annoys them with his fake skeleton hand until they drop him off in someone's random yard, and disappears for a while. Later on he shows up at the ghost house by pretending to attack one of the other characters. Pepe's lucky he didn't have that skeleton hand of his shoved up his ass. The guy's such a freeloader he'd probably consider it a free prostate exam.

So he decides to stay at the ghost house. We don't see him again until one of the other characters find him standing up against a door dead. Because he has such a dopey look on his face the entire movie, it took me a sec to realize he was dead. I did a little dance. It was pretty sweet.

I don't know how he died, but I'm hoping he was annoyed to death. That would be fitting.

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