Friday, May 10, 2013

Lady Street Fighter (1985)

Lady Street Fighter (1985)
Director: James Bryan
Stars: Renee Harmon, Joel D. McCrea, Trace Carradine, Liz Renay

Exotic Eastern European beauty, Linda Allen, flies in to Los Angeles to track down the evil mobsters who tortured and murdered her sister. Meanwhile, the mobsters are trying to find a tape with information that would be incriminating to them. Linda's investigation deals with a pimp who may be the murderer she is after, and a helpful FBI agent who may not be the crime hunter he pretends to be. Cunning and deadly she is, but will she be up to the tangled web of corruption, violence, and death she falls into?

Six Things I Learned From Lady Street Fighter

1. Linda can leap on cars, do kung fu and handle a gun, but acting is not one of her strong suits.

2. Licking the phone makes phone sex more erotic.

3. Nothing says badass like a nicely knitted hat.

4. Stealing a teddy bear will result in a gun pointed at your head.

5. It’s easy to evade the cops. Just stay slightly out of their view.

6. Cute girls make the best bullies because you can’t hit them back.

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