Monday, September 10, 2012

Wide Weird World of Cult Radio Show 15!

Returning with an all new radio show filled with cult's finest music and trailers, Dan takes his show every other week so he can partake in a long time passion of his...sponge climbing. But never fear (you over there...stop shaking), Dan has a killer lineup just for you. Well not smell. The person next to you...yeah them.

Listen Here!


Track Listing

Redemption (Rocky 2)- Bill Conti
Theme from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
End Theme from Demons 3: The Ogre
UHF Trailer
Insight (Nightmare Detective)
Maniac Manson NES Theme
Knights Trailer
Dan's Wrestling Doubleshot Intro
No Holds Barred Theme - Jim Johnston
Pencil Neck Geek - Classy Freddie Blassie
The Sister Bomber (Robogeisha)- Tatakae Gattai Geisha
Bloddy Pom-Poms Ending Credits- Murielle and Joel Hamilton
Great Moments in Cult Cinema - Dhali Llama scene in Caddyshack
Sittin on the Side of the Road (Michael)- Andie Macdowell
Little Black Dress (Shock Treatment)- Cast
The Room Trailer
Time to Change- Brady Bunch
Mr. Johnathon (Black Shampoo) - Gerald Lee
Hovercraft/Main Theme (Westworld)
These Days (Royal Tennebaums) - Nico
Shura No Hana (Lady Snowblood) - Meiko Kaji
Closing Segment
The Meaning of Life - Eric Idle

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