Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wide Weird World of Cult Radio Show #2!

In a new edition of the radio show, I bemoan (a little too loudly) the loss of something very very close to me. Call this a "tribute" show of sorts. Listen in and pay your respects here.

Track Listing
Blazing Saddle/WWWOCF ad
Show Opening
Freddy's Dead (Superfly)- Curtis Mayfield
Voltron Opening (with Dialogue)
The Exorcist RadioSpot
The Sword of Damocles (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Deep Red Rum ( Ad
Tenebre (Tenebre)- Goblin
Hotel California (Big Lebowski)- Gypsy Kings
Superman: The Movie Radio Spot
People Like Us (True Stories)- John Goodman
Redcard Headbutt ( Ad
Closing Theme from Las Vegas Bloodbath
Show Segment (storytime)
Dream Away (Time Bandits)- George Harrison
Idiot Control Now (MST3K)- Joel and the Bots
Cleopatra Jones Radio Spot
I Want It Now (Willy Wonka)- Veruca Salt
Repo Man (Repo Man)- Iggy Pop
Freakin Awesome Network ( Ad
Main Theme from House (Hausu)
Christmas Time (The Meaning of Life)- Monty Python
Fright Night (Fright Night)- J. Geils Band
Closing Segmen/ The Rose (The Rose)- Bette Midler

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