Friday, June 8, 2012

Shock Treatment (1981)

Shock Treatment (1981)
Director: Jim Sharman
Stars: Richard O'Brien, Jessica Harper, Cliff DeYoung

In the television studios of Denton Television (DTV), Brad and Janet Majors sit with the rest of the fanatics in the stands. But when their lives become part of the programming, Brad ends up in a straitjacket while Janet becomes a reality tv star. Who is behind this...and what's with the creepy blind guy? This continuation of sorts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show spoofs what is known as reality television well over a decade before it starts worming its way into our brains and rotting them.

Six Things I've Learned from Shock Treatment

1. Your In-Laws will sell you out for a nice dream house set

2. I'd like a nurse like Nell Campbell, if only she was a mute.

3. I was to go on tour as a roadie for Oscar Drill and the Bits. 

4. While the atmosphere in Rocky Horror was more fun, I'll dare say that the music here was much better. Yeah I said it. Got a problem? Take a jump to the left and get the hell away from me.

5.  Look for Rik Mayall as "rest Home" Ricky. I was so hoping he'd break out in a Cliff Richard tune...maybe Devil Woman. Those lyrics really have something to say.

6. I truly believe that Bert Schnick is a David Lynch character that ended up in the wrong movie. He seemed better suited in something like Blue Velvet, huffing gas and having sex with ugly prostitutes.

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