Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UHF (!989)

UHF (1989)
Director: Jay Levey
Stars: "Weird" Al Yankovic, Michael Richards, Victoria Jackson

George Newman is a man of many failed jobs. When his uncle wins the deed to UHF station U62, George finds himself in the position of taking the station out of the toilet. With a little help from a mentally disabled janitor, George may prove himself yet.

6 Things I've Learned from UHF

1. Little known fact: Boulders are a lot like pets in that they will follow you no matter where you go. BAD BOULDER! STAY OFF THE COFFEE TABLE!! BAD!

2. Twinkie wiener sandwiches are considered a delicacy in parts of Georgia...namely my house.

3. The station ends up in the control of a hobo. Think about that for a sec.

4. A fire hose on full blast is an excellent solution for dehydration.

5. I'd really hate to live in the apartment below Raul's Wild Kingdom.

6. Never pick what's in the box, stupid!