Monday, April 23, 2012

Ogroff the Axe Monster (1983)

Ogroff the Axe Monster a.k.a. Mad Mutilator (1983)
Director: N.G. Mount
Stars: Pierre Pattin, Alain Petit, Howard Vernon

A sicko psychopath, with a mask reminicent of "Silence of the Lambs, and TCM, goes on a rampage hacking up unsuspecting victims in the woods.

6 Things I Learned from Ogroff the Axe Monster

1. You can act casual and not come across as a psychopath while wearing a bizarre mask and carting around an axe.

2. All of the cool folk play chess in the middle of a field.

3. Ogroff likes to jerk off his axe.

4. Ogroff and a random man are fighting with an axe and a chainsaw. Did this inspire the chainsaw duel in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2"?

5. True motorcyclists can chop off heads while driving.

6. If someone suspicious walks by your place, it's perfectly acceptable to stab them with hedge clippers.