Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Exterminator 2 (1984)

Exterminator 2 (1984)
Director: Mark Buntzman
Stars: Robert Ginty, Mario Van Peebles, Deborah Geffner

John Eastland hates the same things we all hate....traffic, stepping in dog poop, and stylishly dressed thugs terrorizing the city. But while most of us just bitch about it or write letters to our local papers, Johnny boy is taking action. By action, I mean he's burning bad guys alive with a blowtorch. Can't argue with the success rate though.

In this sequel to the popular Exterminator, Eastland is still hanging out in the city, going to see wanna be Broadway dancers shake their ta-ta's at a dance joint, and cruising the streets with his old buddy in a garbage truck. An idealic life for sure...but Johnny has a way of fucking shit up.

A botch robbery results in an old dead couple. That don't sit well with the exterminator, who proceeds to bar-b-que a couple of the baddies who did it.  This brings him to the attention of X (Van Peebles), who is not amused. He's even more pissed when his brother gets roasted like a smore while the gang plays "dismember the cop on the train tracks". X rages war on the city, and on the Exterminator himself.

There's drug dealing, face melting, boobs swaying, and Robert Ginty attempting to act, despite every fiber in his being telling him not to.

Things I've Learned/Things To Watch Out For

- Look for a young looking Irwin Keyes and Arye Gross in roles as X's minions. Yes, Arye Gross. I'm not intimidated either.

- Robert Ginty has two faces....confused and even more confused.

-This movie has taught me to never trust breakdancers again. They'll only get you paralyzed. Spinning bastards.

- You might think you're being smart by tailing Johnny's trash truck of death, but it's gonna backfire. Oh boy does it ever.

- Enjoy the montage of Johnny adding various weapons to the garbage truck, cut with shots of a thug stuck inside the garbage truck eating spoiled food. It works better than I thought.

-The music here is very good...reminding me of various Italian horror synth scores. However, they must have only paid the guy to create one song, because it is used over and over and over and over again. I do like how he changes the tempo to make it either a heart stopping action score or a tender "let's have sex " score.

- Look, just because you get paralyzed by some thugs doesn't mean you blame your boyfriend for it....even though that's who they were targeting...and you were seen in the garbage truck with him...and he killed the main bad guy's brother. You know what, it IS his damn fault. What a terrible boyfriend.

- Ever notice how thugs in these movies are always stylishly dressed? If these were real thugs, they'd be wearing hand me downs and smell awful. But who wants to see someone get mugged by a guy wearing a "Carter in '80" shirt with holes in it?

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