Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving Violations (1985)

Moving Violations (1985)
Director: Neal Israel
Stars: John Murray, Jennifer Tilly, the "Where's The Beef" lady

The ensemble comedy...a group of wacky misfits put together to achieve a goal. No place was safe...summer school? Not safe. summer camp? Are you kidding?! Even the hallowed police academy wasn't safe from the ragtag shenanigans.  So what do you do when you start running out of good places to put these people in? You start digging the bottom of the barrel. That's right, I'm talking about traffic school.

So the story is that a bunch of terrible drivers have their licenses revoked and must go to traffic school to get them. BUT, this traffic school is run by the dead eyed brother of Stacy Keach, who has it in for our hero...the brother of Bill Murray. Judge Hot Lips from MASH wants Stacy Keach's brother to flunk everyone so they can sell their cars off and pocket the cash. I'm sure that '79 buick is gonna fetch a pretty penny. Literally.

Six Things I've Learned from Moving Violations

1. Oh look, there's a guy who likes horror movies. Let's dress him up like a teenage headbanger and make him socially disturbing. I wish there was a character that liked romantic movies . Someone who dressed up like Rudolph Valentino singing at people's windows and crying at Celine Dion songs.

2. James Keach, John Murray, Fred Willard, Jennifer Tilly, Clara Peller, that nerd who couldn't get it on with Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High...all this movie needed was Jm J Bullock and we'd have ourselves a Hollywood Squares game!

3. There's a wacky mix up as a car doctor is mistaken for a regular doctor, which ends up with a woman drinking a bottle of cooking oil, greasing up her ass, and sitting naked atop a car lift. There must be a time traveler writing this script because that's my morning routine to a t.

4. Old ladies sitting in a urinal is always funny. ALWAYS.

5. Only in this film can you see a shirt feel up another shirt. Still not as awkward as the time I saw one of my socks dry humping the neighbor's dog. My clothing now has a restraining order against it. Stupid horny sock.

6. John Murray was so over the top in doing his best Bill Murray impression I almost thought he was going to start yelling about cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria indeed.

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