Friday, December 14, 2012

Twin Sitters (1995)

Twin Sitters (1995)
Director: John Paragon
Stars: The Barbarian Brothers, George Lazenby, Mother Love

An evil business executive (played by George Lazenby), is releasing dangerous toxins and the Barbarian Brothers set out to stop his evil work.

Six Things I Learned from Twin Sitters

1) When someone says no to your pasta, it's perfectly acceptable to force feed it to them.

2) Nothing screams hip more than driving a big wheeler, blasting rap and wearing a cowboy and bird hat.

3) It's only fitting to have twins babysit twins.

4) The perfect time to knit is during a Chuck Norris film.

5) Tying up children is acceptable punishment.

6)All twins within a ten mile radius form a justice league.

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